Fernando Reyes has produced a large and diverse portfolio of artwork.  His work is primarily representational and includes oil paintings, charcoal & conte drawings, and printmaking.  Subjects include figurative nudes, landscape and urban scapes.  His primary interest is in depicting the human figure.  These works have captured the attention of collectors throughout the region, nationally and internationally. 

“My figurative works explore dreams and reflections as saving graces providing hope and nurturance during unsettling times.  My hope is that these works will inspire an interplay between my vision and the dreams and fantasies of the viewer.  Originally inspired by the old masters, I maintain the time-honored practice of drawing regularly from live models.  The traditional methodology, however, produces works that are completely contemporary.  My figurative works are simply about the power of the human form.  Drawing from live models allows me to depict the beauty of anatomy, proportion, balance and movement in the action, or inaction through the use of body language.  Whether depicting a single figure or a jumbled array, each piece stimulates an engaging dialog with the viewer. 

I express and communicate an idea, emotion or thought using a common thread of assured and sensual lines creating artworks that are peaceful to joyful, sensual to sexual, alluring to provocative.”