Through my paintings, I explore the potential of abstract shapes, brush marks, lines, colors, tones and texture to create an expressionist visual diary that impacts the physical body of the viewer. Also intriguing for me is the tension between dense, complex, interactive layering and the use of lines, running as a leitmotiv through all my works. The non-representational excitement that arises when the organic rhythms and color relationships meet and interact on my canvas communicates my understanding of the human condition.

My technique, which involves sequences of construction, destruction, and reconstruction, reflects my fascination with the fleeting concept of time and how traces left by the cycles of history can confer a sense of timelessness and teach us about life. It is my intention to inform and energize the final image with a sense of risk taking through evidence of process and strength of gesture.

By scraping, scratching, building up the surfaces, turning up and down the large canvases, erasing and revisiting, I live for the moment where I stop thinking and use my senses and emotion to dive into a mastery of chaos to finally attain a pure balance between the complex and the simple. By removing any objective information, I am aiming at an emotional and physical response to the relationships of the shapes, colors, lines and texture.
I want my painting to be prompts for the imagination.