Jeff Long has refining his art through a process of distillation. His paintings, inflected with a meditative and sensuous tone have now been pared down to essentials. Yet their power and beauty remain.
Using a light touch in terms of tones, textures and sensibility, Long juxtaposes painted striations and loopy biomorphic forms resulting in paintings that reflected his environment; the ranks of pear trees that lined neighboring orchards. The winding, wobbly shapes of the Shimmy series seem to relate to the zen garden-like ridges of soil thrown up by an old tractor. He enthusiastically embraces the upbeat, high-key components of mid-twentieth century Modernism. Growing up together as cultural siblings, Modernism and jazz are reunited in his paintings.

“Long takes forms directly from mid-twentieth century painting and bounces them back in order to give viewers another look, while making explicit the link between the Modern and art forms of traditional societies. In Modernism the artist finds new ways to successfully redefine an older vocabulary. Atoll and Archipelago play on this dichotomy and point up both the universality and the frailty of the rigging inherent in making art.
Long breathes conviction into the painting enterprise by encouraging some of its chief attributes - finesse, power, beauty, and metaphor.”


Joseph Martin Burke/London