I am inspired by the elements of nature and earth at their fundamental and organic levels. Time has had and will continue to have many impacts on our environment. Some of these affects are positive forces and others are destructive, but they all change and alter the appearance of our earth. I'm interested in the way nature deconstructs itself. I find incredible beauty, but also a warning, in the aging process.

I begin a painting with a depiction of a simple landscape and then show how it has been affected by nature's elements, such as wind, erosion, oxidation, deterioration and decomposition. This is how I reveal it as an abstracted image. I like to depict the geological and environmental transformations I see all around me. Ultimately, what I hope to achieve is a representation of an artifact, a place or a relic once lost in time but then discovered showing its aged beauty.

For me, the decaying creates the abstraction. I combine techniques of aged plaster, crackled paint, water damage and oxidized metals to achieve an image containing all its original beauty and color but changed by the affects of time, age and decay. In my eyes I create a new world of beauty. However, the paintings also speak to the fact that once the original environment of the earth is lost, it may never be regained.

The message behind my art for me takes on a social and political responsibility to preserve our volatile yet beautiful planet. By taking a universal landscape and deconstructing it showing the ravages of erosion and deterioration, my images represent a "preserved nature" -- evoking the beauty, melancholy and wonder about the past, the present and the future of our world.