Monika Steiner celebrates the most basic elements of art – line and color. She enhances the line with a sense of grace and beauty that makes the paintings come alive.
Her creative process consists of adding and eliminating; by the gradual building up of layers of color and texture I create depth and translucency. The ambiguity of form and the symbolic use of lines are her way of expressing the concept of impermanence and the interconnectedness of all things. Color is the energy that animates the space in my paintings. The surfacing and dissolving of shapes in my work are a metaphor for the cycle of appearances arising from, then, returning to a state of pure potential.

"I always look for a subject matter that will allow me to express how I feel about my own life and my existence. I use my inner resonance to capture the essence of a moment in time or an abstract concept".

Born in Switzerland, Monika Steiner received her BFA degree from Sonoma State University. She has had several solo shows since, exhibited in Museums in Europe and the US, and is in private collections here and abroad. She is currently represented by Geras-Tousignant Gallery in San Francisco, Erickson Fine Art in Healdsburg and Marji Gallery in Santa Fe. Monika paints and sculpts full time. She also teaches abstract art classes in Marin County.