Originating form Dublin, Ireland, Robert immigrated to the US in 1991 to study Fine Art, at the University of Arizona.  This became a liberating change of lifestyle and environment that opened up a whole new world of opportunity.  Robert moved to San Francisco in 1997, compelled by its individual lifestyle and beauty.  Over the past eight years he has continued toward the development of his abstract work, striving to reveal an infinite background of feeling and a personal sense of truth within his paintings.      

β€œAny thoughts on my part about the 'construction' of a picture are false, and if the execution works, this is only because I partly destroy it, or because it works in spite of everything – but not detracting and by not looking the way I planned. I often find this intolerable and even impossible to accept, because, as a thinking planning human being, it humiliates me to find out that I am powerless. It casts doubt on my competence and constructive ability. My only consolation is to tell myself that I did actually make the picture – even though they are a law unto themselves, even though they treat me any way they like and somehow just take shape. Because it's still up to me to determine the point at which they are finished. Picture making consists of a multitude of yes/no decisions, with a yes to end it all. If I look at it that way, the whole thing starts to seem quite natural again or rather natural-like and alive.”